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ornaments on Christmas tree

1. Attend 12 Step Meetings

Most 12 step groups hold additional meetings during the holidays and sober parties. Keep your 12 step meeting schedule handy on your phone and make a plan. Remember – nothing ensures continuous sobriety better than one alcoholic talking to another alcoholic.

2. Remove Expectations

During this time of year, we can place a lot of expectations on others as well as ourselves. Remember the Alcoholics Anonymous slogan, “easy does it”. Relax and take the pressure off yourself and those around you. Enjoy the season!

3. Start A New Holiday Tradition

Start a new holiday tradition
Why not start a new tradition and host your own sober holiday event? Invite your sober friends over and have them bring their favorite dish. Before you eat read a paragraph from the Big Book and let everyone share. Nothing breaks the ice better than a meeting!

4. Don’t Go to Slippery Places

There is an old saying in Alcoholics Anonymous – Don’t go to the barber shop unless you want to get a haircut! If you have to go somewhere where alcohol is served, bring a sober companion with you.

5. Write a Daily Gratitude List

Being grateful and counting your blessings is the fastest way to beat the holiday blues. Before you go to sleep at night write down 10 things that you are grateful for, number one being your sobriety! Happy Sober Holidays from everyone at English Mountain Recovery!