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Healing the mind, body, and spirit

We assist our clients in recovering from the spiritual, emotional, and physical devastation caused by the disease of chemical dependence.

Our Difference

Self-discovery and recovery through individualized treatment.

Our Campus

27 serene acres in the heart of the Smoky Mountains.

Our Qualifications

Licensed, highly credentialed staff on site 24/7.



English Mountain Recovery is located on a serene 27-acre campus setting in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. English Mountain Recovery is an established, experienced addiction treatment & drug rehab center that provides life-changing care to people with addictive disorders, as well as support for their families. Insurance is accepted for payment. People are finding the simple truth and sometimes the hard way that the traditional models of treatment are usually not enough. There is now plenty of data that supports longer lengths of stay in treatment and the longer someone is engaged in a program the better their chances are for a satisfying lifetime of sobriety. Some old research claimed that once the brain damage occurs there is no hope for recovering from that damage. The more up to date research shows the brain can and does recover depending on the extent of damage, but it again takes time.



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Addiction Treatment in Tennessee


“I could not have gone one more day without the help that I have received here. I never looked at the beauty in my life before, but my eyes are wide open to it now.”

- Teri A.

“This place has taught me to be me and love me and that’s something that I never thought possible.”

- Stephanie P.

“Our son is doing great! We are forever indebted to the staff at English Mountain Recovery for helping him turn his life around.”

- Elizabeth H.

Program Features

CARFNationally Accredited Treatment Center
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