Alumni Program Program in East Tennessee

After completing any level of treatment, clients are offered the opportunity to enroll in English Mountain’s alumni program. This program provides resources and support structures that continue to serve our clients at no cost, long after they have left our facility. Completing treatment at English Mountain is not the end of your access to our staff, services, and support. We will always be here for you.

Just a few of the services we offer our alumni include:

A dedicated Alumni Coordinator is available to anyone who has completed any level of care with English Mountain. Your Alumni Coordinator can help you with finding meetings, introducing you to fellow alumni for support, answering recovery questions, or just someone to talk to who cares about your journey. The Alumni Coordinator is there to support you.

Access to Our CaredFor App

English Mountain’s CaredFor app is designed especially for the recovery community and is used at all Summit Behavioral Healthcare facilities. The app is easy to use on a computer or smartphone, it allows alumni to post messages and photos, track sobriety days, search recovery tools, books, and videos, and direct-message administrators.

But it would be a mistake to think of this as the end of your journey.

A monthly alumni e-newsletter is sent out with information about English Mountain staff, an alumni spotlight, contests, upcoming events, and helpful recovery information.

We also provide:

  • Frequent aftercare calls
  • Weekly alumni virtual meetings
  • Monthly in-person group alumni activities with staff from English Mountain
  • Yearly reunions
  • And so much more…

You do not have to go it alone. Instead, you can take advantage of English Mountain’s alumni program. Our alumni services could very well be the key component of your successful long-term recovery. The opposite of addiction is a connection!

Meet Our Alumni Coordinator:

Meet Our Alumni Coordinator, Renee Dean

My name is Renee Dean, I’m an alcoholic in recovery myself. I first came into recovery in 2008 after losing custody of my kids, several failed marriages, several trips to hospitals and jail, losing my driver’s license, being broke and homeless, and very nearly losing my life several times.

                I got sober for four years in the beginning. I got my kids back, my license back, my home back; but I didn’t stay connected and I went back out. I went to treatment and got sober again but didn’t stay connected and went back out again. I came back into recovery and realized the most important part is that sobriety cannot be achieved or maintained by myself alone; I must be a part of a community.

                Today, I have over two years of continuous sobriety, three beautiful children who love and respect me, a wonderful sober husband I met in recovery, a safe and stable home, and the fellowship of a community of sobriety that I walk through recovery with. I’m a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and have the absolute honor of being your Alumni Coordinator. 

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