Addiction Therapies in East Tennessee

Addiction Therapies in East Tennessee

When it comes to TN drug and alcohol addiction treatment, well-rounded, evidence-based programs produce the best sobriety outcomes. Having refined our addiction therapies over nearly a decade, English Mountain Recovery incorporates individual and group therapy approaches at our 12-Step Smoky Mountain residential treatment center.

Individual Addiction Therapy in East Tennessee

As you begin TN addiction recovery, EMR’s individual therapy program helps you take a concentrated, inward look at the issues surrounding your substance misuse patterns. Together, you and your therapist dig deep to uncover psychological issues like trauma, guilt, compulsive behavior, anxiety, depression, and shame. Over time, you learn to overcome these issues, work through your feelings, and identify your personal motivation for pursuing sobriety. Individual therapy allows EMR clients to:

  • Develop transparency & accountability
  • Schedule sessions around personal program requirements
  • Build strong relationships with substance misuse counselors
  • Keep information private & outside of the group setting
  • Address co-occurring mental health disorders alongside addiction

Group Addiction Therapy in East Tennessee

Group therapy meetings take place in a gender-specific environment, and allow participants to:

  • See themselves in others
  • Provide & receive feedback about potential “blind spots”
  • Develop the ability to share feelings & experiences in healthy ways

Group & Individual Addiction Therapy in East Tennessee

Transformation begins when you take the first step to enrolling in our 30-, 60-, or 90-day residential treatment programs. English Mountain Recovery integrates sleeping quarters, treatment, and recovery-related facilities into one 27-acre locale. Our addiction specialists support mind, body, and spirit healing during individual and group therapy sessions, and guests participate in gender-specific programs that allow them to relax and be open with therapists and co-participants. To learn more about therapy modalities at our 12-Step recovery program, call (877) 615-8569 or contact us online. To determine your insurance benefits, click here.

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