Medical Detox in East Tennessee

How Does English Mountain Recovery Center’s Detox Program Help? 

At English Mountain Recovery Center, we offer a full continuum of care for people entering recovery, including our newly established detox program. Under the guidance of our medical team, we help our clients move through the physical and psychological symptoms of detoxing from drugs or alcohol in a safe and comfortable environment with minimal discomfort.

What is medically supervised detox? 

A medically supervised detox, often referred to as medical detoxification or simply “med detox,” is a structured and closely monitored process in which individuals who are dependent on drugs or alcohol undergo withdrawal while receiving medical care and supervision. The primary goal of medically supervised detox is to help patients safely manage the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal that can occur when they stop using addictive substances.

Our staff understands that fear of the detox process can sometimes be a stumbling block when choosing to enter a recovery program. The specifically trained and licensed nurses and tech staff at English Mountain are available 24 hours a day to provide professional care and guidance as clients begin this important first step of recovery.

Medically Supervised Detox for Alcohol and Benzodiazepines in East Tennessee

Our detox facility is located near the main campus and offers personalized care with medically assisted opiate detox and medically supervised detox for alcohol and benzodiazepines. Once detox is complete, most of our clients continue through the residential program at English Mountain to ensure that they have a solid footing for long-lasting recovery.

Medically Supervised Detox for Alcohol

Detoxification (detox) from alcohol is the process of allowing the body to rid itself of alcohol while managing the symptoms of withdrawal. It is an important first step for individuals with alcohol dependence, but it’s important to note that detox alone is not sufficient for long-term recovery. Following detox, individuals should engage in ongoing treatment and support to address the underlying issues associated with alcohol dependence.

Medically Supervised Detox for Benzodiazepines

Medically supervised detoxification (detox) for benzodiazepines involves a structured and supervised process to help individuals safely withdraw from these medications while minimizing withdrawal symptoms and potential complications. Benzodiazepines are a class of drugs commonly prescribed for anxiety, insomnia, and other conditions, but they can be associated with physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms when use is stopped abruptly. Medical supervision is crucial during benzodiazepine detox due to the risk of severe withdrawal reactions, including seizures.

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