Gender-Specific 12-Step Residential Treatment in East Tennessee

Gender-Specific 12-Step Residential Treatment in East Tennessee

English Mountain Recovery is one of few residential treatment facilities offering gender-specific programs. Tucked away from the chaos of life, we provide a serene location where men and women of all ages embark upon the challenging but redeeming work of addiction recovery.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) notes that there are significant differences between men and women regarding substance choice and how the brain responds. Studies also indicate that women and men have differing reasons for relapse and different addiction risk factors. Our gender-specific model offers unique treatment distinctions that address these issues.

What is Gender-Specific 12-Step Residential Treatment?

Gender-specific 12-step residential treatment is a specialized form of addiction treatment that focuses on providing care and support within a single-gender environment. This approach recognizes that the needs and experiences of men and women in addiction recovery may differ and aims to create a safe and supportive space for individuals to address their substance abuse issues.

Gender-specific 12-step residential treatment can be beneficial for many individuals seeking addiction recovery, as it recognizes and addresses the unique needs and challenges faced by men and women.

Key Aspects of Gender-Specific 12-Step Residential Treatment

Gender-specific 12-step residential treatment programs are specialized addiction treatment facilities that offer services tailored to the unique needs of individuals based on their gender. These programs are designed to address addiction and substance abuse issues within the context of gender-specific experiences, challenges, and recovery needs. Here are some key aspects of such programs:

  • Gender-specific 12-step residential treatment programs typically house individuals of the same gender in separate facilities or housing units. This separation aims to create a safe and supportive environment for participants to focus on their recovery without distractions or potential triggers related to co-ed interactions.
  • Gender-Specific Therapy and Counseling: Our program provides therapy and counseling sessions that are tailored to the specific issues and concerns that men and women may face in addiction and recovery.
    • For example, women may receive therapy that addresses trauma, family dynamics, or issues related to motherhood, while men may focus on masculinity and societal expectations.
    • Gender-specific group therapy sessions, workshops, or educational classes that address topics relevant to the specific gender. These may include body image, self-esteem, relationships, and coping strategies.
  • Trauma-Informed Care: Many women’s addiction treatment programs recognize the high prevalence of trauma among women with substance use disorders and provide trauma-informed care. This approach acknowledges the role that trauma can play in addiction and focuses on healing from past traumas.

Advantages of Gender-Specific Treatment

  • Gender-specific treatment minimizes sexual tension and distractions between male and female clients.
  • EMR’s single-gender program allows our staff to deal sensitively with gender-unique physiological, emotional, and relational issues.
  • Single-gender therapy takes into account differing family roles and external social and professional pressures.
  • Women who have endured trauma may be especially uncomfortable sharing their experiences around men. During English Mountain Recovery’s gender-specific therapy sessions, clients feel supported and empowered by their same-sex peers.
  • Bonding behaviors tend to be stronger in gender-sensitive groups since clients are more likely to share personal information.

It’s important to note that while gender-specific programs can be beneficial for some individuals, they are not the only approach to addiction treatment. The effectiveness of treatment ultimately depends on an individual’s needs, preferences, and the severity of their addiction. Some people may find that a co-ed or mixed-gender treatment program better suits their needs and provides a more diverse and inclusive environment.

Residential Inpatient Center in East Tennessee

Providing life-changing care to those suffering from alcoholism and drug-addictive disorders, English Mountain Recovery integrates sleeping quarters, the treatment center, and all recovery-related facilities into one locale. Using a variety of modalities supporting mind, body, and spirit healing, we welcome our male and female guests to this beautiful 27-acre treatment setting in the heart of the Smoky Mountains.

Women’s Addiction Treatment Center in East Tennessee

Serving women suffering from substance abuse disorders, our beautiful, 12-Step facility is located in East Tennessee. At English Mountain Recovery, we believe in whole-person healing: mind, body, and soul. Your program will take place in a gender-specific therapy environment, allowing our credentialed experts to meet the unique physiological, emotional, and relational needs of female clients. During a 30, 60, or 90-day stay with us, women feel safe and empowered as they begin a transformative rehab experience. Learn more. 

Men’s Addiction Treatment Center in East Tennessee

Providing a structured, 12-Step therapeutic environment with a mind, body, spirit emphasis, English Mountain Recovery offers gender-specific treatment for males struggling with alcohol or drug use disorders. Our single-gender program is designed to recognize and meet the unique physical, emotional, and psychological needs of our male clients while encouraging clients to be vulnerable and open with peers, therapists, and treatment specialists. Learn more. 

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To learn more about our gender-specific, 12-Step recovery program—or to speak with an admissions advisor now, call (877) 615-8569 or contact us online. You can also determine your insurance benefits by clicking here. English Mountain Recovery serves men and women over the age of 18 who are medically and psychiatrically able to participate in our proven recovery program.

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