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It’s a paradox of sorts.

That some people struggling with substance abuse are also afraid of experiencing recovery. They’re not sure what life will be like without the haze of addiction. How will they cope with stress? How can they navigate social situations? What will it be like to actually feel again?

If you’re tired of living with the pain, guilt and confusion of addiction, you shouldn’t let your fear of sobriety stand in your way. Yes, it may take some work on your part to learn new life skills and healthy coping mechanisms but it’s entirely worth it – because you’re worth it.

For those seriously contemplating what life would (and could) be like without drugs and alcohol, don’t let any misconceptions about sobriety keep you from starting that journey.

The Truth

Want to hear the truth about what it’s like living a sober lifestyle? Read on…

(1) MYTH: I am my addiction. Without that, who am I?

The reality is that as human beings – we are complex creatures. We shift. We evolve. We grow personally, professionally and spiritually over time. And, you most certainly can’t define yourself with a narrow lens. One of the gifts of sobriety is finally having the confidence and clarity to recognize all of your personal strengths, innate talents and a great deal of confidence that you never knew you had.

(2) MYTH: How am I going to be able to relate to friends and family?

At parties and other social situations, you may have used drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with anxiety. But, you can learn how to navigate those same circumstances while staying sober. And, chances are, you’ll be able to forge deeper connections with other people at the same time.

(3) MYTH: Will I get bored?

This is one of the most common myths about sobriety. That without drugs or alcohol, you simply can’t have fun anymore. And, that couldn’t be further from the truth. When you’re sober, you’ll have more time and money to finally pursue new hobbies like learning a new language, taking cooking classes and buying a new DSLR camera for an upcoming vacation.

It’s normal to enter a new chapter of your life with a few reservations. But, with the help of an experienced team of recovery professionals, you can embrace a new path of sobriety. And, you can learn to see the joy gained by living a life free from addiction.

Celebrating Addiction Recovery

At English Mountain Recovery, we provide life-changing care to people suffering from alcoholism, drug abuse and other addictive disorders. We see people who were once hopeless recover every day, and you can too! We find that incorporating various modalities of therapy enhance and improve an individual’s recovery and their new way of life. To learn more about our comprehensive addiction treatment and relapse prevention services, call (877) 615-8569.