The destructive forces of addiction seemingly know no bounds. Like a virus, it infects the user, and from there, the damage rapidly spreads to those around them. Breaking apart marriages, eviscerating friendships – leaving a trail of anxiety, depression and stress in its path. This is why addiction is often referred to as “a family disease” as the trauma of addiction impacts everyone in the home.

Why You Should Consider Family Therapy

In households that have been torn apart by addiction, family therapy is often used in conjunction with individual treatment to help the entire home heal together. If you, or someone you love, is searching for help overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol, here are four reasons why you should consider family therapy.

  1. It can help prevent younger family members from going down the wrong path. It’s an unfortunate fact that substance abuse is more prevalent among teens and young adults. But, family therapy can help reduce the risk of addiction spreading to other family members. During therapy sessions, treatment specialists educate recovering individuals and their families about the nature of addiction and the negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse.
  2. Family therapy can build stronger relationships. In homes where one individual is dealing with addiction issues, it often creates a turbulent and hostile family dynamic. In family therapy, participants learn how to communicate in healthy ways and conflict resolution strategies.
  3. The family unit can learn to identify dangerous behaviors. During treatment, addiction recovery therapists educate the entire family about enabling and codependent relationships – and how to avoid those destructive patterns of behavior.
  4. Family therapy can help heal the emotional scars. When the disease of addiction is present in a home, it often introduces a sense of hostility and negativity into the environment. With family therapy, addiction recovery specialists can help loved ones who were negatively impacted by the addiction finally heal and recover from the emotional trauma.

Addiction Therapy for the Family

Addictions affect the entire family and English Mountain Recovery highly encourages family participation. Research shows that recovery rates are increased when the family is involved in the addiction recovery process. During our Family Program, participants will experience group therapy, videos/discussions, lectures, personal exercises and new communication skills. Each of these are designed for the purpose of achieving insight, maintaining healthier relationships and beginning their own journey towards recovery.

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