Happy Holidays from English Mountain Recovery!

woman gazing at mountain landscape

Some of our Client Testimonials

I could not have gone one more day without the help that I have received here. I never looked at the beauty in my life before, but my eyes are wide open to it now.

Stephanie P.

When I go home I know my self-esteem will benefit by knowing I have been sober for three months.

Susan S.

This place has taught me to be me and love me and that’s something that I never thought possible.

Elizabeth H.

My time here has been very special to me. I really believe that this will be my final chance to have the life I was intended to live.

Matt T.

By being able to be here, I have a chance to get my life back together and have a chance to a new start at life.


I feel hope and growth; I see a light.


This location is so peaceful and serene. You have helped and inspired me tremendously to become a better person by seeing what I could potentially have by living life the right way on the right path.


I feel as though English Mountain has become my second home and this is an experience I shall cherish forever and share with all who enter my life.

Frances A.

I’m finding out who I really am and that’s all I’ve ever wanted. It is so beautiful and I’ve become so much closer to God.


Since I’ve been here on English Mountain I’m learning how to deal with my problems. I’m learning a new way to live without the use of drugs. I’m finding out who I am, and what I want to be. I’m very grateful to be here, I feel very blessed to have another chance at life. I’ve found peace within myself and I can say I love me today.

Jill F.

Now I can laugh and I’m not high. I can smile, for I see a future that I didn’t have before. My life means something to me again. I have found someone whom I had lost and that someone is me.

Della B.

Because of your generosity, people like me who had hit such a bottom they were almost ready to give up on life entirely and felt so low and disgusted with them selves and ashamed of who they were and what they had done can now hold their heads high and look at their lives and see more than misery and despair. Thank you for helping save my life.

Angel T.