English Mountain Recovery Ranch Tennessee

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12 Steps Work
Each person’s journey in recovery is different. Individuals learn the significance of utilizing the 12 Step programs in their personal recovery process. Each client uses the EMR Workbook and immediately begins the Step work process. We believe the foundation of recovery from addictive disorders is based on the 12 Steps originating from Alcoholics Anonymous.

Equine-Assisted Therapy
Our equine assisted therapy enables residents to identify treatment issues, bond as a group, and experience the power of a relationship built on open communication-all through the activities with horses. The metaphoric experience reveals emotions, and dysfunctional behaviors that block healthy relationships. Feedback from counselors and peers assist residents in gaining insight into their feelings, behaviors, patterns, boundaries and stumbling blocks to recovery.

Ropes Course-Experiential Therapy
Low ropes course is designed to help our clients to re-develop their listening, communication, problem solving and team building skills. We have over a dozen low ropes course elements set up to help them to learn to ask for help, plan, and utilize all of their resources and to set realistic goals. Some of our elements are permanently set up outdoors and some are portable to be able to do the activity indoors in inclement weather. We use the low ropes course as a tool in assisting our clients to rebuild their self-worth, while learning how to deal with frustration, stress and anger appropriately. Our Activity Therapy staff has over 25 years of experience.