Melodies of Healing: 9 Songs About Addiction for Your Recovery Playlist

The power of music is universal, encouraging you to feel emotion, stimulating reflection, providing meaning, and bringing people together. Music can influence your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It can make you feel energized and relaxed, and it can reduce stress. If you are in recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction, music can help you stay focused on maintaining your sobriety.

9 Songs About Addiction for Your Recovery Playlist

Here are nine songs about addiction and recovery that may make good additions to your recovery playlist. Each one provides encouragement, inspiration, motivation, or strength. Some songs tell the story of the artist’s own experience with addiction and recovery. Others are the stories of supporting a loved one’s struggle with addiction.

Listening to these songs can inspire and empower you while helping to keep you sober.

  1. “Life is Beautiful” by Sixx A.M.|
    Many people believe the rock song “Life is Beautiful” tells the story of Nikki Sixx. Co-founder, primary songwriter, and bassist of the rock band Motley Crew, Sixx almost lost his life to addiction. The lyrics of the song convey the beauty of life found after recovery.
  2. “Breaking the Habit” by Linkin Park
    This song is about addiction and hitting rock bottom. The lyrics of “Breaking the Habit” tell of the burdens and frustrations of addiction. Linkin Park relays the message that without making the conscious decision to change your behavior, nothing is going to get better.
  3. “Sober” by Pink
    “Sober” is about wanting to feel uninhibited without resorting to drugs or alcohol. It was written by American singer-songwriter Pink and Kara DioGuardi after Pink realized she wanted to feel as good sober as she did when high on alcohol and drugs. Check out this article in Songfacts that includes Pink’s description of how she feels about the lyrics.
  4. “Demons” by Kenny Chesney
    In this song, Chesney asks you to think about your inner demons and how you respond to them. The song challenges you to think about how you choose to lead your life. “Demons” emphasizes that addiction is a chronic disease.
  5. “Otherside” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis|
    “Otherside” tells the story of Ben Haggerty, known in the music world as Macklemore. Written by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, the song shares Macklemore’s experiences with drug abuse and addiction. He begs his fans to learn from his mistakes and denounces the use of illegal drugs. Haggerty has always been very open about his drug use, life in active addiction, his recovery, and his relapse in 2020. He is again in recovery and described his newfound sobriety in US Magazine.
  6. “Recover” by Natasha Bedingfield
    In the lyrics of “Recover,” Bedingfield paints a picture of recovery. The song is powerful. It acknowledges the lasting pain of addiction but shows recovery is possible. ”Recover” is a song of survival, reminding you that everything you have been through proves you are a strong person and can overcome anything.
  7. “Swimming Pools (Drank)” by Kendrick Lamar
    In this song, Kendrick Lamar uses swimming pools as a metaphor for alcoholism. He tells the story of growing up in a family with a cycle of alcohol addiction. He describes the physical and mental pressures that drive people to turn to alcohol. Lamar tells the effects binge drinking has on the family and his determination to break the cycle of addiction by choosing a life of sobriety.
  8. “Recovery” by James Arthur
    In “Recovery,” James Arthur tells the story of his addictions to marijuana and anxiety medications. Recovery is a lifelong process, and it requires commitment and strength.
  9. “Amazing” by Aerosmith
    Written by Steven Tyler and Richie Supa, “Amazing” is a powerful ballad about climbing back up after you have hit rock bottom from addiction. The song describes the painful life of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. As it goes on, it tells how life can change when you find the courage and strength to ask for help.

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