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Terry Hurley
Grief and Addiction, young lady sad funeral smoking drugs alcohol coping
Grief is a natural, expected emotional reaction to loss. It is painful and can be overwhelming. Many people associate grief with the death of a loved one, close friend, or pet. But the loss of anything important to a person can result in grief.  Everyone deals with grief differently. While some of these methods are...
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SMART recovery, Alcoholic Anonymous, 12-step programs,
SMART Recovery is a popular resource for many people in addiction recovery. Some choose it as an alternative to a more traditional 12-Step program like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Others choose SMART Recovery as a supplement to their 12-Step program. SMART Recovery and 12-Step programs share the three main principles of confidentiality, accessibility,...
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Sober Fun Sevierville, Tennessee
Drug and alcohol addiction has devastating effects on the user. But it also affects that person’s loved ones. Part of addiction recovery means rebuilding relationships with loved ones, regaining their trust and forming new, happy, positive memories.  One way to create good memories with loved ones is to engage everyone in some sober fun. Whether...
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Image by John Hain from Pixabay
People once believed a fully developed human brain was fixed and unchangeable. Scientists now know that is not the case. The discovery of the formation of new neurons forming new neural pathways in the fully adult brain showed scientists the power of the brain to change, reorganize, and grow. The brain’s incredible ability to adapt...
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hitting rock bottom - drug treatment - drug addiction - rehab - therapy
The question of whether or not a person suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction needs to hit rock bottom before seeking treatment is not new. The simple answer to the question is no. Hitting rock bottom is not necessary before seeking help for a substance use disorder. Whenever you are ready for help, it...
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therapy, intensive outpatient therapy, IOP, rehab, mental health
When a person has an addiction to drugs or alcohol or a co-occurring substance and mental health disorder, finding the correct level of treatment is essential. For those people who do not need round-the-clock supervision or medical detoxification but still need more support than traditional outpatient therapy, an intensive outpatient program (IOP) may be the...
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family, gathering, party, sober, happy, healthy, drug treatment, rehab
Deciding to stop using drugs or drinking alcohol is difficult for many people. Remaining sober requires daily hard work, commitment, complete self-honesty, and diligent self-care–and these major changes can feel terrifying to people. Others may not want to admit to themselves or their loved ones that they are struggling with addiction. They fear the societal...
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woman going to work office coffee mirror
Completing a treatment program for drug or alcohol addiction is a great accomplishment. But now it is time to return to work, and you are feeling nervous about making the transition. Returning to work, whether you are going back to the job you had before or starting a new one, is a big step. Be...
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two hands enabling support addiction treatment
Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a dangerous chronic disease that changes the way a person behaves, feels, and thinks. It is painful to watch a loved one struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction. You instinctively want to help, to fix things. But nothing you have done has helped. You feel powerless. Unfortunately, helping...
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lady reading mindfulness books addiction recovery
Being in recovery from an alcohol or drug addiction is a lifelong process. Each coping skill and tool learned along the way contributes to your sobriety. One skill to add to your toolkit is mindfulness. Simply put, mindfulness is the practice of being fully aware and present in the moment without any judgment. To learn...
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