English Mountain Recovery
is a drug rehab & alcoholism addiction rehab treatment center providing life-changing care to people with substance abuse & addictive disorders while providing support for their families. EMR now accepts most medical insurance as payment for drug rehab & alcoholism recovery services.

Call today to see if your insurance will cover your addiction treatment rehab stay. Our 90 day rehab recovery program is affordable. EMR also accepts credit cards for recovery services. English Mountain Recovery cares about you and your recovery. Call us today and begin a new life.

Drug rehab is the first step when someone struggling with addiction wants relief. Most alcoholics and drug addicts have tried repeatedly to stop on their own, call us today if you think you need help. We care deeply about you recovering from a seemingly endless and hopeless situation.

Addiction treatment & recovery programs for men & women ages.

We see people who were once hopeless recover every day, and you can too!