Benefits of an Addiction Recovery App

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addiction app, app, smartphone, addiction recoveryMany people have apps on their phones. Apps can be used for social media, favorite games, to track your food and calorie intake, and much more. Among the many apps available, perhaps the most valuable apps for addiction recovery are those specifically designed for that journey.

At English Mountain Recovery, we offer the CaredFor app, a secure online platform that enables you to achieve some amazing connections over time. You can talk to people who have a unique sense of what you’re facing in recovery. You can engage with others and support each other through the good and bad times that come with a commitment to long-term sobriety.

What an App Cannot Do

Before considering the benefits of apps for mental health, let’s be clear on what they cannot do. Apps are not able to replace a therapist. They cannot be the only lifeline you have during your drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Instead, consider them to be one of many supportive tools that can help you stay on the right path.

The Benefits of an Addiction App

The use of an addiction app can provide several benefits. Most people will find the CaredFor app easy to use and add to their daily life. Why use an app?

They Provide Education

Some of the best apps for mental health, like this addiction app, incorporate high quality, in-depth information. When you’re facing questions like “Why am I feeling like this?” or “What are signs of relapse?,” an app can offer the information and tools you need.

The CaredFor app offers a variety of articles and resource material you can use as needed. It empowers you to find accurate information that specifically relates to you. It also includes videos and podcasts that you can join.

They Track Your Progress

Sobriety is one of the most valuable accomplishments to be proud of. Every single day is a testament to the hard work you are doing. With an app for addiction recovery, you can track your progress and see how well you are doing. It’s empowering to see just how far you’ve come.

They Help You Engage and Connect with Others

Having support from people who are facing the same types of challenges you are each day can also be beneficial. Many people build very strong and healthy relationships with others on the app. More so, the groups you are a part of on the app are secure and private. You don’t have to feel exposed to the general public or to anyone you’d rather not connect with.

They Put You in Touch with Our Team

When you use the CaredFor app, you’ll be able to maintain support from your team at English Mountain Recovery. While this doesn’t equate to therapy sessions, you will have access to our recovery experts and the ability to reach out as needed.

They Have a Built-In Gratitude Journal

Apps like this provide a space for you to share what you’re most grateful for and any thoughts or feelings you’re having day-to-day. You can keep this information private or choose to share it with others in your group. Those in recovery are at a higher risk for high stress, depression, and anxiety. Being able to focus on the good may strengthen your ability to remain confident.

They Challenge and Motivate You

Another way addiction recovery apps can be beneficial is by offering challenges and motivational support. For example, you can join a wellness challenge and work with other people to achieve the goals you set, whether that’s walking each day or going to a local recovery meeting.

Ready to Engage with English Mountain Recovery Center?

As you continue to work to build a healthy future, check out how an addiction recovery app like CaredFor can help you. We offer it free of charge to our alumni. You can be one of those people.

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction or facing complications from mental health disorders, contact us today to learn how we can help you recover at our beautiful campus in Tennessee. Set up a consultation with an admissions counselor today.

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