Benefits of Gender-Specific Drug Addiction Treatment

addiction, gender-specific addiction treatment, addiction treatment, friends, women, supportA gender-specific drug addiction treatment program is one that is designed specifically to treat men and women separately. Gender-specific programs have numerous benefits because men and women have different biological and cultural differences that impact their addiction and recovery. Could this type of treatment work for you?

How Does Addiction Impact Genders Differently?

Gender-specific addiction treatment pays close attention to the needs of the individual and is sensitive to the differences between men and women in addiction recovery. Those differences could include the following:

  • The types of drugs most commonly used: Women are more likely to struggle with prescription drug addiction, while men may be more likely to misuse alcohol and illicit drugs.
  • Why addiction began: Men often engage in substance misuse to improve sociability and confidence. Women often begin to misuse substances as a result of traumatic experiences or bad relationships.
  • Substance impact: Often, smaller doses of drugs impact women more significantly than they do men, leading to earlier onset of dependence.
  • Presence of psychological factors: Women are more likely than men to have anxiety and mood disorders that lead to their use of substances.

There are, of course, exceptions to all of these generalizations. Men can struggle with mental health disorders, trauma, and the use of prescription drugs just as women do. Women can struggle with confidence, alcohol consumption, and heavy substance use. While trends may be different for individuals, the key to remember is that when you enter into a gender-specific program, your treatment focuses on your needs.

The Benefits of Gender-Specific Drug Addiction Treatment

When you enter into a gender-specific addiction program, a few things are likely to occur. First, you’ll live within a residential area limited to those of your gender. This helps to create some privacy. Most of the therapy and activities you engage in will be with people of the same gender.

Why is this so important and valuable?

  • Higher level of comfort. Many people feel more comfortable surrounded by people of the same gender. That also helps to build trust and encourages bonding between people.
  • Treatment meets your needs. The treatment provided may differ. That includes the approach to emotional, physiological, and relational issues. The care is focused on the way women or men learn, take in information, and interpret the world around them.
  • Less sexual tension. By working in gender-specific therapy programs, it is possible to reduce sexual tension in most situations. That’s essential for improving focus and minimizing the number and type of distractions present.
  • Better communication opportunities. It’s often easier for women to open up and bond with other women, and that’s critical for encouraging communication. The same is true for men. Social and cultural pressures often play a role in a person’s willingness to communicate.
  • Care focuses on likely needs. It’s often the case that women and men need different types of strategy development. For example, women often have to juggle motherhood alongside their recovery. Men often have different concerns, including stigmas related to substance use disorder.

There’s no perfect plan for everyone. What a gender-specific plan can do, though, is provide a way for you to get the care you need in an environment where you feel supported.

What’s Gender-Specific Treatment for Addiction Like?

Both men and women are treated equally, but their care may be a bit different. You may find yourself engaging in different types of therapy and communication tools and techniques. For example, experiential therapy may be different for men and women based on the activities they enjoy.

It’s also important to feel as though you can open up. Women who were abused by men and faced traumatic experiences may not be willing or able to open up with men around. Men, on the other hand, may not be comfortable being vulnerable in front of women. Expect the surroundings to be a place where you will feel at ease and able to discuss what you’re facing.

How Can We Help You with Care Today

English Mountain Recovery offers a gender-specific, 12-step treatment program in Tennessee. This program is designed to provide you with ample support in a setting where you feel supported with care that’s designed to fit your needs. Here, you will be surrounded by people who want to help you.

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