Dick and Nancy K.
FOUNDERS – English Mountain Recovery
Nancy has often asked me “Why do you think I am an alcoholic and you’re not?” I don’t know because I have learned that the disease of alcohol and drug addiction is extremely baffling and confusing. Why Nancy and not me makes no difference, she is I’m not.Over the years the drinking became worse and our relationship was definitely going south. Then came the day we all pray for….the day she asked for help. For Nancy, help came with admitting her powerlessness over the disease, the desire to recover, the willingness to accept help, and her admission into treatment.

After seven years of solid sobriety God blessed us with the opportunity to purchase property in Tennessee on English Mountain. This property was to become English Mountain Recovery (EMR). The 27 acres of property had once been a resort that had been closed for many years. English Mountain had been host to many dignitaries including U.S. Congressmen and President Theodore Roosevelt.

There were 28 condominiums, a dining hall, putt-putt golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool, a barn and several other large buildings on the property. Best of all, the property was on top of a mountain, loaded with history, 3800 feet above sea level, 5 miles up the most beautiful road one could imagine.

The view of the Great Smokey Mountain range was unbelievable! My first thought was another resort: however, Nancy’s suggestion was a recovery center.

During the following years English Mountain Recovery (EMR) has evolved into a 36 bed nationally recognized treatment center. Our dream has been to offer quality professional services at an affordable cost. Nancy and I feel recovery should be in reach of anyone who has the desire and willingness to recover. We also believe the longer you’re in treatment the higher your success of sustained recovery. Our 90 day treatment program is more affordable than most 28 day programs.

Nancy no longer asks, “why am I an alcoholic?” because it doesn’t matter why. This has all happened through her treatment center, a 12 step recovery program, and the grace of a higher power, something bigger than ourselves. Today Nancy considers it a blessing to have a brand new life and to finally become the person she was supposed to be. To be alive today is a miracle and to be living a peaceful abundant life is certainly a spiritual gift she could not have attained alone.

Today both Nancy and I are living a life of gratitude and intent on helping the next suffering alcoholic / drug addict. Our desire is to afford you the help that was passed on to us.

Dick and Nancy K.