young men playing basketball
Men playing basketball
Have you said goodbye to drugs and alcohol and started a new path towards sobriety?
Choosing a new, sober lifestyle is a courageous choice. At this point in your journey, you’ve decided to prioritize your mental and physical health and are ready to embrace your personal and professional goals!
During this chapter of your life, it’s important to learn new life skills to help protect your sobriety and avoid relapse. And, discovering how to navigate social situations is one of the most critical.

It’s worth noting that you can still enjoy spending time with friends and family. During this time of your life, invest some time and energy into learning how to navigate social situations without depending on the crutch of drugs or alcohol.

If you’re newly sober, here are a few strategies you can use!

(1) Be mindful of your social circle. If you’re newly sober, it’s a good idea to stick close to friends and family members who know your journey and won’t pressure you to use drugs or alcohol. They’ll be more understanding of your situation and can help support your positive lifestyle choices. You’ll be less likely to be involved in a situation where addiction triggers are present.
(2) Keep a non-alcoholic drink in hand. At parties, or other social situations, it’s always a good idea to have your own non-alcoholic drink in hand. Other party-goers will be less inclined to automatically grab you something from the bar. You’ll also be more comfortable having something in hand to put you at ease.
(3) Have a support system on call. If you’re in a situation that is ripe with addiction triggers, you may feel tempted to imbibe. But, if you’re starting to feel uncomfortable, often it can help just to talk to someone you can trust. People who know your personal journey of sobriety can lend some advice and emotional comfort. Before you go, tell them that you trust their advice and you may need their support. More than likely, they’ll be honored that you chose them for help.

Residential Addiction Treatment in Tennessee

Located in the heart of the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, our 36-bed residential treatment facility tailors treatment plans to your insurance, health history, and addiction severity. While English Mountain’s residential rehab programs are available in 30 to 60-day periods, many residents end up prolonging their stay up to 90 days or more to deepen their recovery focus and strengthen their sobriety foundation. To further support healing for the entire family, we also provide family education and counseling. Call us today: (877) 615-8569.