How to Open Up About Your Drug Use

person, shy, scared, quiet, nervous, drug use, recovery

person, shy, scared, quiet, nervous, drug use, recoveryHow do you tell someone you need help with your drug use? You don’t have to wait until someone asks you to start the conversation. In fact, if you’re ready to get help, you don’t even have to tell anyone if you don’t want to do so. You can reach out to our team at English Mountain Recovery.

But most people want and need to talk to someone close to them about what’s happening. Finding the right person and the right thing to say can be challenging. You may be worried about what they will think of you or how they will react. Take a deep breath and realize having this conversation will change your life forever, and it may even save it.

Who Can You Trust to Tell You Have a Drug Problem?

Many people find themselves stuck with worries about how people will react:

  • The person may judge you
  • The person may be hurt
  • The person may tell you that it’s not a big deal
  • The person may tell you to simply get over it
  • You may be worried they won’t forgive you for what you’ve done

Look beyond all of these thoughts. Instead, focus on who may be most willing to listen to you. You don’t need them to do anything else for you but listen.

Find a person in your life who is most likely to take the time to try to understand. Remember that if this person is close to you, they probably already suspect that something is going on and will be relieved that you’re finally talking about it. This person should be someone who has proven their ability to be emotionally supportive to you or others.

Look for someone who:

  • Is likely to take the time to listen to what you have to say
  • Will be a fierce advocate for you to get help
  • May have been in your shoes in the past and may have insight to offer

If you don’t have someone in your life whom you can truly trust, there are alternatives. You can visit a local recovery meeting and just listen to those talking there. Chances are good you’ll be able to confide in this group over time, getting the support you need from people who understand. You can also talk to your doctor. In this case, you may be focused more on the physical damage addiction is doing. That’s okay if it encourages you to get into treatment.

How to Tell Someone You Have a Drug Addiction

Once you narrow down someone to talk to, find some time when you can be alone and uninterrupted. You don’t have to worry about having a prepared statement to make – just let it come from your heart. You may wish to start the conversation by telling the person that you want help to stop your addiction from worsening or that you need them to just listen to what’s happening with you.

Open up about what is holding you back:

  • The stress you feel that pushes you toward using substances
  • The pain you feel that you can’t let go of
  • How your body demands that you get more of the substance or you feel sick
  • How even though you don’t want to use substances, your brain won’t let you stop

Discuss what you feel, think, and experience when you use substances. Be honest with them and yourself. Describe the high or the feeling of escape from the real world and the relief that substances provide. Be honest about how much you use or what you use. The focus here is to get out everything you can about the “why” so you can begin to see how to move forward.

They May Not Have the Answers

When you turn to someone to talk to about your addiction, don’t expect them to know what to do next. This could be a path you take together. Ask them to help you to stay on that path and talk about why you want to stop using substances. The person you tell should be one who will hold you to the process of getting help and working through treatment.

Let Our Team Help You Achieve Recovery

English Mountain Recovery in Tennessee offers the tools and resources to help you to overcome these challenges. Even if you don’t have anyone to talk to, reach out to us. Allow our team to offer you guidance and support. We will listen to you. Make the first call to us today to learn what drug and alcohol addiction recovery could mean for your future.

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