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Gender-specific programs
While men and women are equally likely to develop a substance use disorder, the nature of their addiction, the factors that underlie it, and their responsiveness to treatment can be different. For this reason, gender-specific treatment can be helpful. According to an article in the United States National Library of Medicine, some of the fundamental cultural...
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young man talking to counselor - suboxone
Suboxone is a medication used to manage withdrawal from opioid addiction. Although it is used during detox, many people continue using the drug to control withdrawal and cravings throughout their rehab and therapy. And some continue to use the medication for months or years.What Is Suboxone?Suboxone is the brand name for a drug that is...
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illustration of brain made of marijuana leaves - marijuana addiction
In recent years, many people have changed their views regarding the use of marijuana. Many states have legalized the drug for both recreational and medicinal use, and more states are likely to do the same. Because of the changes in attitude and laws, a great number of people are under the belief that marijuana is...
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community meeting in LGBT center with small rainbow pride flag - LGBT community
June is LGBT Pride Month. Pride came about as a result of individual and systemic traumas endured by the LGBT community, including the Stonewall Riot, which occurred in New York in June 1969. Science has confirmed the link between trauma and addiction, so it should not be surprising that members of the LGBT community would...
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confused middle-age man scratching his head - blackouts
An OverviewWhen a person experiences a blackout from drinking an excessive amount of alcohol, they do not necessarily pass out. Typically, the term “blackout” refers to the amnesia brought on by alcohol. During a blackout, the intoxicated individual is often fully conscious and able to engage in various activities, such as talking or walking. However,...
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man reading papers in front of laptop - family medical leave act
Many people know they have an addiction to drugs or alcohol and know they need help. Sadly, many people won’t seek addiction treatment for fear of losing their jobs. They worry they could be fired if they take the time they need to go to a recovery treatment center. What they might not know is...
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Holistic Addiction Treatment in Recovery, woman petting tan horse - holistic
When it comes to recovery, abstinence is only the beginning.Holistic treatments focus on healing a person’s mind, body, and spirit. This promotes lasting sobriety by turning attention away from substance abuse and towards a wellness-focused lifestyle.Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment in RecoveryCognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is typically considered the cornerstone of treatment for drug and...
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close up of mother hugging young son
For parents who are seeking substance abuse treatment, one of the most important considerations is making appropriate childcare arrangements. Someone who is the primary caregiver for young children has to ensure that they are being looked after by a responsible person before finalizing arrangements to check in to a residential drug and alcohol program. There...
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Rock garden - rocks with words painted on them
English Mountain Recovery joins hands with nature’s perfect settings to provide a sanctuary where lives can be transformed. Our facility inspires recovery with hiking trails, horses, a swimming pool, tennis courts, rivers, lakes and lush forests.The Disease of AddictionAlcoholism and substance abuse addiction are chronic and progressive diseases, and without help can be fatal. Drug...
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