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Our Recovery Facilities: 
The English Mountain Recovery program for alcohol and drug addiction, offers treatment stays for 90 days and longer. Our program includes, but is not limited to lectures, films, family sessions, 12 Step introduction, equine therapy, creative arts, individual and group sessions.

Affordable Treatment
Tennessee 12 Step Faith Based Alcohol Drug Rehab-Insurance Accepted-Lowest 90 Day Cost  
90 Day Low Cost Treatment Center with Exceptional Tenured Staff

Self-Discovery at English Mountain:
During this time the individuals learn how to overcome self-defeating patterns, develop new patterns of behavior and establish positive attitudes. The most effective treatment is when the family is involved in the process.


Our family program at English Mountain Recovery is designed to enable your loved one to partake in your recovery while you yourself explore your own journey — and all the while healing the connection between relationships. To this end, our caring and credentialed staff will help you and the members of your family:

  • Improve communication. You’ll learn how to communicate with one another in a healthy and empathetic way and to develop strategies for reduced conflict and better problem solving.
  • Avoid unhealthy patterns. Increased understanding of healthy boundaries and family patterns and dynamic are a crucial part of family therapy. You’ll learn why enabling and codependent relationships are dangerous to your sobriety – and how to avoid these and more destructive relationship patterns.
  • Heal emotional scars. You’ll address any hostility and negativity felt by you or your loved ones and take steps to recover from any emotional trauma brought on by your active addiction.

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Our recovery professionals are always available to help answer your questions about our drug and alcohol rehab programs.