Affordable 90-Day Addiction Treatment

English Mountain Recovery provides the best addiction treatment for all ages both men and women, as well as young adults. Addiction begins at younger ages all the time, and English Mountain Recovery is the perfect location to get young adults back on track.

Our drug addiction treatment programs also seek to achieve family healing by teaching the family ways to resist anger, demoralization, and codependency while being supportive and kind to one another in all situations.

Affordable 90-Day Addiction Treatment

It took a long time for your drug addiction to take hold, and many people live with dependence and addiction for years before getting treatment. So it makes sense that recovery will take a long time, too. The changes that occur as a result of addiction are intense. Addiction impacts your brain, your body, and your mental and emotional health. Stepping into a 90-day drug addiction treatment program can give you the time you need to work on each of these components of healing.

There are many benefits to a long-term program, including the following:

  • People in longer-term addiction recovery programs have lower relapse rates.
  • A long program allows more time for the body and mind to heal in a controlled and safe environment with professionals available to help with complications.
  • You’ll have the time to work through past pain and trauma.
  • For those with mental health disorders, including anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression, the extra time allows your doctors and therapists to find the right type and dosage of medication.

Group and Individual Addiction Therapy in East Tennessee

Transformation begins when you take the first step to enrolling in our 30-, 60-, or 90-day residential treatment programs. English Mountain Recovery integrates sleeping quarters, treatment, and recovery-related facilities into one 27-acre locale. Our addiction specialists support mind, body, and spirit healing during individual and group therapy sessions, and guests participate in gender-specific programs that allow them to relax and be open with therapists and co-participants.

Addiction Recovery and Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Addiction Recovery & Family Medical Leave Act, Affordable 90-Day Addiction Treatment

Many people know they have an addiction to drugs or alcohol and know they need help. Sadly, many people won’t seek addiction treatment for fear of losing their jobs. They worry they could be fired if they take the time they need to go to a recovery treatment center. What they might not know is that the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is in place to protect their job while they receive their much-needed treatment. Learn more.

Affordable Addiction Recovery Treatment and Your Health Insurance

EMR now accepts and processes medical insurance for drug rehab & alcohol drug addiction treatment. Contact us today to see if your medical insurance provider covers drug and alcohol rehab! We bill your insurance directly so you do not have to.

Recovering from alcohol and drug addiction requires individual courage and the support of those who understand what it takes to begin, and maintain recovery. English Mountain Recovery is a 36-bed residential treatment facility located in the Smokey Mountains of East Tennessee. More information on insurance for addiction recovery. 

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Affordable 90-Day Addiction Treatment

English Mountain Recovery Clinical Team

Here our professional and dedicated clinical team assists clients and their families in developing new core beliefs and conclusions about themselves. This unique program focuses on individual needs, enabling self-discovery and recovery. People who enroll in English Mountain Recovery are removed from the stresses and distractions of everyday life, entering a safe environment where they can concentrate on the process of recovery in the beautiful serene setting of the Smokey Mountains.

Recovery Begins With English Mountain Recovery 

Whether you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, our all-inclusive Tennessee residential facility is affordable and offers one of the industry’s highest recovery success rates. Contact an admissions advisor by phone at (877) 615-8569 or contact us online.