Top Tennessee Treatment Center 90 Day Affordable Rehab

The English Mountain Recovery program for alcohol and drug addiction, offers treatment stays for 90 days and longer. Our program includes, but is not limited to lectures, films, family sessions, 12 Step introduction, equine therapy, creative arts, individual and group sessions. During this time the individuals learn how to overcome self-defeating patterns, develop new patterns of behavior and establish positive attitudes. The most effective treatment is when the family is involved in the process. The family begins to understand the dynamics of the disease of addiction and the recovery process necessary for all. Our addiction rehab program seeks family healing and teaches how to resist anger, demoralization and how to be supportive of one another.

English Mountain Recovery Program Schedule

We find that incorporating various modalities of therapy enhance and improve an individual’s recovery and their new way of life. While many other modalities are being researched by our clinical team, we currently provide:

A confidential pre-admission telephone assessment is conducted to gain an understanding of your specific situation. Several other assessments will be conducted after the admission process is completed and others during the entire treatment process.

Treatment for the addicted person is sometimes dangerously delayed because of the mistaken belief that an individual must hit bottom or the idea that treatment will only work if they want it. Interventions can effectively raise the bottom before its too late.

Individual Therapy
Individual therapy can be helpful to begin a concentrated look at one’s own self and specific issues surrounding their addiction.