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Opioid Epidemic
pile of pills
At one time, doctors viewed opioids as effective, though highly dangerous, drugs. They were only used in specific situations, such as for patients who were terminally ill, who had just had surgery, or who had been severely injured. In the 1990s, opinions about this class of drugs changed, as pharmaceutical companies promoted their product as...
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operating room
If you have been told you need to have surgery, you trust that you will be anesthetized during the procedure. Afterward, you know that you can expect to experience some discomfort. Before you even leave the operating room, you will likely be given a pain medication to keep you comfortable for several hours after your...
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sad man
The opiate addiction epidemic has reached crisis levels and is a national emergency. What’s notable about the proliferation of opiate addiction is how it is affecting families in every corner of our nation – from rural areas to urban centers and all the suburban neighborhoods in between. Also, opiate addiction has hit families at every...
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scientist or researcher in lab
New Approaches With the opioid epidemic continuing to march full speed ahead, stakeholders are mounting pressure to help curb the impact. The clinical community is taking aim at reducing the practice of overprescribing and medical schools now focus on addiction prevention. And, the research community is also working on a pharmacological approach – developing cutting...
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