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What is a Functioning Alcoholic?

Many people think of an alcoholic as someone who always drinks too much, looks disheveled, has difficulty holding a job, and is struggling financially. They may picture a person who has difficulty in their relationships, or is incarcerated, homeless, or hitting rock bottom. Although those things are true for some people with alcohol use disorder,...
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Understanding the Health Risks Associated with Long-Term Heavy Drinking

Most people have heard that long-term heavy drinking can lead to liver problems, but cirrhosis is only one of the health risks associated with excessive alcohol use. Research has shown that heavy drinking will damage your health in multiple ways. It’s also a leading preventable cause of death. How Long-Term Heavy Drinking Affects the Body...
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Alcohol Is Deadlier than Opioids: Facts and Statistics

While opioids are taking up plenty of space in headlines and on the news, it would be a mistake to ignore the deadly health consequences of alcohol. Alcohol continues to be responsible for its own deadly epidemic—claiming 38,000 more lives each year than opioid abuse. Alcohol Continues to Claim More Lives Than Opioid Abuse Nearly...
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What Are the Symptoms of Alcohol Use Disorder?

Problem drinking can be described in several ways. People often want to talk around the issue of alcohol abuse rather than saying that someone is an alcoholic. However, defining problem drinking as Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and classifying it as mild, moderate or severe places it squarely in the realm of a medical issue. The...
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4 Reasons to Consider an Intervention During the Holidays

The holidays are a time when families look forward to getting together to enjoy the best of the season. This includes celebrating with music, food, and drink. During this festive time, you may be thinking about the year that has passed, as well as previous holiday seasons. In a number of families, there is someone...
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Codependency and Substance Abuse Influence Family Relationships

Most people would agree that loving someone means being prepared to be part of their life during good and bad times. When someone we care about is facing a personal challenge, we step up to do whatever we can to help them. Our hope is that the people we are closest to would do the...
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Depression and Addiction: How These Dual Diagnosis Conditions are Alike

When someone is living with depression and an addiction, they are said to have a dual diagnosis. This term identifies that the client has two concerns that need to be addressed and treated. Each one on their own is a serious concern; however, when they are present at the same time, they represent a potentially...
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How Alcohol Abuse Affects Your Eyes

Many people have heard or experienced that having too much to drink can cause blurry or double vision. This is one example of a physical consequence of alcohol use on vision, but alcohol abuse affects your eyes in a number of other ways as well. How Excessive Alcohol Consumption Causes Double Vision You have probably...
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Long-term Effects of Alcohol Abuse on your Health

Alcohol is enjoyed by many people as part of part of their social life. It’s easily obtainable, acceptable and legal. But, this substance is also addictive and, when used to excess, can lead to a number of negative health consequences. When most people think about the effects of alcohol abuse, the dangers of car crashes...
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What is a High-Functioning Alcoholic?

To many people, the image of an alcoholic brings to mind someone who is drunk all the time. This may be a person who is homeless or living in substandard housing, isn’t well-educated and either has difficulty holding a job or does menial work. Alcohol Use Disorder Statistics The truth is much more complicated. Alcoholism,...
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