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Adderall Addiction: What You Need to Know

Adderall is a medication that has become synonymous with college students looking to get better grades, but it’s much more than just a “smart pill” and must be treated with respect. Anyone thinking about taking Adderall without a prescription or at higher doses than prescribed by their doctor is putting themselves at risk for addiction...
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Codependency and Substance Abuse Influence Family Relationships

Most people would agree that loving someone means being prepared to be part of their life during good and bad times. When someone we care about is facing a personal challenge, we step up to do whatever we can to help them. Our hope is that the people we are closest to would do the...
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Opioid Abuse in Tennessee: Issues and Possible Solutions

There’s no question that substance abuse is a major problem in Tennessee. Substance use disorder costs the state $2 billion annually. Opioid Deaths in Tennessee In 2016, the opioid overdose death rate was 18.1 per 100,000 people in Tennessee, representing a loss of 1,186 lives. This figure was higher than the national average, which was...
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Depression and Addiction: How These Dual Diagnosis Conditions are Alike

When someone is living with depression and an addiction, they are said to have a dual diagnosis. This term identifies that the client has two concerns that need to be addressed and treated. Each one on their own is a serious concern; however, when they are present at the same time, they represent a potentially...
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How Yoga Helps with Healing from Addiction

Addiction is a chronic disease affecting the brain and how it functions. Those in recovery need to adopt strategies that will help to rewire the brain to adjust to a chemical-free lifestyle. Taking up yoga can help you learn to calm your body and minds, handle stress, and learn new coping methods. Addiction and the...
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Gender Specific Addiction Treatment for Men: Behavioral Health Considerations

Men and women have different needs when seeking addiction treatment. More men than women are in treatment programs. Once they enter treatment, gender roles and expectations have a bearing on men’s level of discomfort in relationships with therapists and other clients. Men More Likely to Abuse Drugs, Alcohol than Women Gender plays a role in...
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How to Choose a Substance Abuse Treatment Center

If you are looking for a substance abuse treatment center for a loved one, how do you make a decision? Depending on where you live, there are probably several options in your state. To develop a “short list” for more serious evaluation, you need to so some homework. Make a List of Questions to Ask...
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Advantages of a Residential Recovery Program

If you are considering options for drug and alcohol addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, a residential recovery program is definitely worth considering. This treatment approach offers clients a number of advantages that make it a good choice in many situations. Consider this option carefully to determine whether it would be a good...
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How Alcohol Abuse Affects Your Eyes

Many people have heard or experienced that having too much to drink can cause blurry or double vision. This is one example of a physical consequence of alcohol use on vision, but alcohol abuse affects your eyes in a number of other ways as well. How Excessive Alcohol Consumption Causes Double Vision You have probably...
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Should Addiction Recovery be a New Year’s Resolution?

As 2018 starts, many of us focus on how we want to improve our lives compared to last year. The start of a new year means a fresh start and new opportunities for growth and change in our lives. There’s no shortage of magazine articles and feature stories on news broadcasts and online sharing tips...
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